Office Building ExteriorIn today’s climate of ever increasing workplace violence and terrorism many businesses are looking for ways to protect their staff from potential harm. Effective and unobtrusive protection can be achieved in many ways, and at many levels, while preserving stylish decor.

A layer of bullet-resistant products between public spaces and the work environment can be a well placed measure of prudence.  Businesses with a higher level of concern about violence may require blast resistant elements, perhaps some vehicle deterring elements as a measure of prevention.  Protective spaces can be designed into new construction, or be retrofitted into existing buildings.

A safe environment does not have to look any different than any other, normal finishes can be applied to resistant materials, reducing the psychological stress that can be associated with hardened facilities.  Contact Protective Spaces, a division of Conquest Contracting, to explore the countless possibilities of hardening your business assets, and protecting your greatest asset of all, your workforce.